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SoulBooks Press

Healthy You, Healthy Dreadlocks

Looking good and feeling great is essential for success in life.  Our bodies are spiritual vehicles designed to take us through this beautiful experience call “Life”.  Taking good care can help guarantee a wonderful journey free from major sickness and illness. 

We live in a society where nightly partying, drinking fancy alcohol, promiscuous sex, and doing designer drugs are part of the American dream.  Instead of good home-cooked foods, we dine regularly on fast foods at establishments having little respect, if any, for proper diet.  Television commercials, print advertisements, and food-packaging labels convince us to put any and everything down our throats without any concerns of nutrition. 

High blood pressure, ulcers, and heart diseases are examples of life-threatening illnesses attributed to bad diet and eating habits. The good news is the tons of books, websites, magazines, and health-food stores available to assist anyone improve his or her health.  Don’t wait until a serious health crisis hits before life saving changes occur.

A quick way to better health is to eliminate bad habits.  Reduce large consumptions of coffee and other caffeine-laden foods, quit smoking, stop doing drugs, and watch your alcohol drinking habits.  Strive to eat healthy meals, exercise often, get plenty of sleep, control stress, and be responsible for personal cleanliness.  Create a strong healthy lifestyle for the beautiful dreadlocks you are growing.

The book covers ways to simplify your life to achieve optimal health.  Guess what, after realize all the hype around diet and health, you'd will be amazed how easy it is to become extremely healthy.

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