Here's Step By Step Proven Ways To Grow Dreadlocks AND Create A Lifestyle Of Success And Prosperity ... Guaranteed!

Don't twist one stand of your hair ... or spend your hard earned money on waxes, backcombs, and other "magic potions" until you get the "REAL" facts about growing dreadlocks.

Note: The author of  this special report has been living with dreadlocks for more than 20 years and still growing strong.  He has more than tripled his salary and wants to share this valuable information! Anyone can create a lifestyle of success and prosperity with this powerful hair style -- Guaranteed! ... Keep reading ..

"I thought I'd write and let you know I like the look of your new site. I will also tell you that I've purchased your book and love it. It's amazing how my career/life has gotten on the fast track after reading your book and working with it. My dreads are coming along fine too." 

Raven Crone

From spiritual and cultural reasons - to making a fashion statement -- one thing's for sure --

Dreadlocks Are Here To Stay!

Once only seen in Jamaica and other tropical islands, dreadlocks are now everywhere - in every city and on every continent in the world.  From blue-collar workers to high profile executives; from students in high school to Ivy League colleges; from singles to married couples; from the NBA to the NFL; you will find someone who has adorned their heads with this unique & powerful hairstyle. Now it's your turn to grow your dreadlocks and created a wonderful life of success!

From:  Jeffery Bradley

6:30 am

Greetings Friend,

You want to grow dreadlocks, but don't know were to start? Right?

If you want long, short, little, or "big congo" dreadlocks; you've come to the right place.  If you are tired of spending hundreds of dollars on "fad" hair styles and products; you've come to the right place.  Finally, if you want to create a successful lifestyle with dreadlocks; you've definitely come to the right place!

Imagine, for a moment, that it’s 6 months from today, and you have a head full of dreadlocks - living the lifestyle you want. Everyone is complimenting you on your wonderful dreadlocks. But more importantly you are happy because you are accomplishing your goals and aspirations in the process of growing them.

It’s true, you can really grow dreadlocks and live the kind of life you want by following a few simple tips that are guaranteed to improve your life.
You don’t have to change jobs, move to another part of the world, or become a recording artist to grow your dreadlocks.

Are You Tired of Hearing All The Crazy Myths About Dreadlocks? 

During your quest to find information about growing dreadlocks, you have heard one or more of the following techniques to grow dreadlocks:

  • Don’t wash your hair and let it matte up from the dirt.

  • Twist my hair and apply beeswax or some gel everyday until it locks up.

  • Have my hair braided and don’t take it down.

  • Do nothing and see what happens.

  • Use a crotchet tool and backcomb it. 

You also heard myths such as you have to belong to a special religion, or that only a specific group of people from the islands can grow dreadlocks.   Since we only see actors, musicians, and athletes on television/movies, it's also a belief that you have to be in the entertainment or sports business to grow dreadlocks. The biggest myth of all it that most people just don't believe hair can grow or develop into dreadlocks naturally!  So, you are wondering ... what is the big secret about growing dreadlocks? ...

Sshh! ... Here's the Big Secret to Growing Dreadlocks...

The secret to growing dreadlocks is that there is no secret.  There are many different ways to create dreadlocks and it all depends on you, your goals, and believe it or not, the texture of your hair.  No matter what method you decide to use, dreadlocks are not an instant hairstyle that you can get in one hour or a day.  

Dreadlocks are the result of allowing the hair get -nappy- uncombed and unkempt. The object of the game is to force sections of the hair to come together, intertwine (like a vine), and continue to grow into locks or ropes.

To have long lasting dreadlocks, it could take weeks, months, or even a year.  You may or may not need a loctician (a person professionally trained to create dreadlocks) or the use of chemicals.  If you ask others with dreadlocks how they got them, you are bound to get many different answers.  Why? Because each person's hair texture is different and has it own "personality".

What works for others, or how long it took to create their dreadlocks may or may not work for you.  The bottom line is "know thy hair."  Is it naturally coarse, straight, spongy, or curly?  Your type of hair will determine how easy or complicated it may be to grow dreadlocks.

Here's 3 Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: My name is Jeffery Bradley. When I decided to grow dreadlocks 15 years ago, just like you, I was completely lost as to how to actually do it. Plus, I was working at a large corporation (as you read earlier), but completely unsatisfied with the way my life was heading. Six months later I had a head full of dreadlocks - 20 years later I still have them and growing strong!

Reason two: I can honestly say that growing dreadlocks have changed my life. As a result of my determination to grow dreadlocks, I've accomplished many things I normally would not have otherwise.

Reason three: Believe it or not, I've worked at 6 major corporations with dreadlocks. No, I did not get fired from any of these jobs because of my hair. As a matter of fact "I've more than tripled my income with dreadlocks!" You can create the successful life you deserve with dreadlocks .... I'll show you how.

And let me tell you, it been a wonderful experience.  Some lows but mostly highs, and I will never regret my decision to adorn my heard with these powerful ropes!  Now I want to share with you on how easy it is to grow dreadlocks, improve you life, and still get everything you want - guaranteed!

Here's What You Need to Know Before You Start Growing Dreadlocks ...

With so much information on the Internet, many different techniques used by locticians, and no real source of information completely dedicated to living successfully with dreadlock - it is extremely difficult to find the right information to help you succeed in growing dreadlocks.  

We did my best to create a source of information to help you in your quest to grow dreadlocks or change your hair to bold beautiful (handsome for the guys) dreadlocks.  Not only will you learn exactly what to do, but also, how to live very successfully with your dreadlocks.  For example, here's a list of things you need to know:

  • What's your hair texture? Your hair texture determines how long it will take to "loc" your hair. 

  • How long do you want to have dreadlocks (fashion or lifetime)?  Real dreadlocks cannot be "un-done" or taken down.  To change your hair style requires cutting them off.

  • How do you wash and take care of dreadlocks? Dreadlocks created by a loctician require different care than natural dreadlocks.  Using the wrong shampoos and oils can actually damage your dreadlocks.  Believe it or not, it all depends on the texture of your hair.

  • Do you have the money and time to hire a loctician?  Hiring a loctician can cost anywhere from $40 to $100 per setting.  Finding the right one can be difficult, make sure you do the right research.

  • Can you do it yourself? Yes, there are many simple tips and techniques you can use and easily do it yourself.  

  • One of your biggest fears about growing dreadlocks is can you maintain your standard of living, keep your job, and improve your life? 

Now YOU can grow dreadlocks 
without confusion...

Every revealing strategy, method, secret, resource, tool, and trick that I and others have used to grow dreadlocks are behind the cover of this eBook ...

Every revealing strategy, method, secret, resource, tool, and trick that I and others have used to grow dreadlocks are in this book:

Don't Worry, Be NAPPY!"
How To Grow Dreadlocks In America & Still Get Everything You Want!

Take Advantage of Over 20 Years of Personal Experience 

By following a few simple tips, anyone can grow dreadlocks and improve their life during the process.  In most cases, there's no need to change jobs, move to another part of the world, or become a recording artist to grow dreadlocks. You can now get fifteen years of experience from the hottest dreadlocks resource book on the market.  "Don't Worry, Be NAPPY! How To Grow Dreadlocks In America And Still Get Everything You Want!" eBook contains detailed, commonsense, down-to-earth information you need to get the dreadlocks you want! Plus, learn how to create a great lifestyle with your new hairstyle!

"Everyday I get a lot of people asking me how to grow dreadlocks, or how did I get a corporate job with dreadlocks. I also get a lot of crazy questions like "Do I have to wash them?" or "How long does it take to let them down?"  "Don't Worry, Be NAPPY!" goes far beyond your typical book about hair. It's about life and living it successfully.  

In my new eBook we give you living examples of how I grew dreadlocks, improved my standard of living, and worked at six major corporations.  The bottom line is dreadlocks are as natural as the finger on your hand. Growing dreadlocks can be a spiritual or self damaging experience. It all depends on your mindset and preparation. This eBook is about loving yourself and defining your own existence in America while still getting everything you want out of life.

"Don't Worry, Be NAPPY!" Goes Far Beyond Your Typical Book About Hair Styles

It's about living a very successful life with dreadlocks in which YOU control your destiny! Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn from  "Don't Worry, Be NAPPY!":

  • Where exactly did dreadlocks come from.  The answer will surprise you!

  • Is it a "black thang" or does it depends the kind of hair you have.

  • What's the real difference between natural dreadlocks and twisted dreadlocks.

  • 5 ways to grow dreadlocks. Which ones are the best and which one to stay away from.

  • How to choose the right method for your hair texture.

  • How can a loctician help you get dreadlocks.

  • Easy tips and techniques on caring for your dreadlocks.

  • What are the dangers of "twisting" your hair to create dreadlocks.

  • How to stay motivated and on target - simple techniques you can use just 30 minutes of your time a day.

  • Are you "living to work" or "working to live"? How to turn it around if your are doing the wrong one.

  • Yes, you can find a great job with dreadlocks!

  • Detailed tips and advice in succeeding in corporate America or any job with dreadlocks.

  • Staying healthy for strong dreadlocks.

  • Where to find the life changing tools you need to succeed - they are all around you but seldom used.

  • Get personal experience on how the author grew his dreadlocks, got great jobs, and built a business all while growing his locks.

  • What are the best home businesses to start for a prosperous life with dreadlocks or extra cash!

This is just the tip of the iceberg! There’s so much more, I couldn't possibly list it all here.  Here's what satisfied readers are saying:

"If you want to grow dreadlocks but don't know where to begin, then BUY THIS Book today!"
Emmanuel Gillispie

"I had tried to do dreads about 5 or 6 six times and it never worked. Your book got me to get ones that stayed in thanks!" 

"I'm so proud of you! I am praying that more of us will let go of the hair processing, pomading, relaxing etc. and find honor in our natural self. It's's spiritual."

"I must say tell you that your words are inspirational, uplifting and gives me continued strength in my own personal/professional growth process." 
Launce C. Braddock

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Warning: Do NOT buy anything on dreadlocks unless it meets the following criteria:

One: Explains exactly what are dreadlocks and dispels the *myths* surrounding them. 

Two: Shows you not only how to  grow dreadlocks, but also to enhance your career and have a lot of fun in the process.

Three: Shows you step-by-step how to prepare your life to grow powerful dreadlocks.

Four: Provides true life examples on how to overcome all the obstacles of growing dreadlocks.  

Five: Gives you the big, unbiased picture about dreadlocks and dealing with society ... then gives you the tools to go achieve success.

Six: Is written by someone who doesn't just talk useless theory... but gives you the benefit of years of growing dreadlocks and life experience straight from the "front lines".

So, how much is all this information going to cost you?  With the information in "Don't Worry, Be NAPPY!" you'll save hundreds of dollars in hair products or services and your valuable time. 

For example, visiting a loctician can cost you up to $40 or more per visit.  We all know it takes more than one visit to any loctician to create dreadlocks.  It could end up costing hundreds of dollars just to get your dreadlocks started. 

In the "Don't Worry, Be NAPPY!" eBook, you will learn many different ways you can save money and still get the dreadlocks you want! Well let me tell you what I'll also do to make this the best investment you ever make. I'm going to throw in some free bonuses that are literally worth more in money terms than my e-book itself!

Simply grab your copy of "Don't Worry, Be NAPPY! How To Grow Dreadlocks In America And Still Get Everything You Want!" right now, and here's what I'll throw in:

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FREE Bonus #2:  "Your Attitude Your Self-Esteem"

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Remember, this is breakthrough information that will show you how to get the dreadlocks you want and create a great lifestyle with them!  It’s not just about dreadlocks.  I filled every page with proven information that WORKS… not five years ago… not last year… but right now… TODAY!

You’ll get the latest, most up-to-date information on growing dreadlocks anywhere – from someone who’s really doing it.

"Thanks for sharing your experience and those of my brothers and sisters who have chosen to wear dreads.  I decided to start my dreads in my last year of college and just graduated from Barry Law school in June of 2002.  I searched the web for a site that would help me through the transition and you were the only one that did more than show a gallery of hair styles.   As you said, growing dreads is more than just a hair style It has become a significant part of my life.  I first had to break the old mind set that I carried about my hair and then I had to be determined to ignore those who could no longer see any beauty in my hair because of my dreads.    It has been a little over a year.  As my dreads grow longer I grow prouder.  Thank you for being there to help me through.  I look forward to the new editions to your site." 


Remember, I started growing dreadlocks with "no hair / bald as a baby's ....." while working at a corporate job.  It cost me nothing to start, plus my salary has tripled and I'm living the lifestyle I want ..... dreadlocks and all! 

Now you can too.  Grow dreadlocks, make money, create a great lifestyle, and have fun.  I’m going to show you how to make it your reality, too!  So what are you waiting for?

Yes, Show Me How To Get The Dreadlocks & Successful Lifestyle I WANT!

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Wishing you much success, 

Jeffery Bradley
Publisher / Author
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